Because it uses heavy water as a moderator, the reactor can use natural uranium as a fuel; therefore, the front-end … These reactors contain neutron moderator that slows neutrons from fission until their kinetic energy is more or less in thermal equilibrium with the atoms (E < 1 eV) in the system. Dispositivo en donde se produce una reacción nuclear controlada. Components and Operation Nuclear Reactor main article. Almost all of the current reactors which have been built to date use thermal neutrons to sustain the chain reaction. CANDU reactors can accept a variety of fuels. Heavy water nuclear reactors and light water nuclear reactors differ in how they create and manage the complex physics of nuclear fission, or atom-splitting, which produces the energy and heat that creates steam—which then drives the generators. Núcleo 4. It is owned and operated by New Brunswick Power. About 4000 MWe of PWR might then fuel 1000 MWe of CANDU capacity, with addition of depleted uranium. 125 MWe (Net) CANDU Type reactor, Near Karachi, com mercial operation 12/1972 • CHASNUPP-1 300 MWe (Net) PWR, Near Chasma in the Punjab, comme rcial operation 9/2000 • CHASNUPP -2 300 MWe (Net) PWR, Near Chasma, Under construction, commercial operation expected ~2012 Fast reactors … details about nuclear power plant and how it has been developing in India The reactor is a key component of a power plant, as it contains the fuel and its nuclear chain reaction, along with all of the nuclear waste products. The nuclear reactors … Thermal Reactors. El rtOcleo dci. Uranium is the dominant nuclear fuel used in nuclear reactors… … alternative reactor types, Canada chose to develop the heavy water moderated power reactor which became known as CANDU. This choice made best use of Canada's experience with heavy water research reactors and, of particular importance, enabled the use of Canadian uranium as reactor fuel without the … How CANDU Reactors Differ from Light Water Reactors . Thorium may also be used in … The CANDU reactor is the reactor of choice in Canada. This reactor is unique in that it uses heavy water (sometimes called deuterium oxide) as its neutron moderator. The CANDU and RBMK types have pressure tubes (rather than a pressure vessel enclosing the reactor core) and can be refueled under load by disconnecting individual pressure tubes. The reactor is the heat source for the power plant, just like the boiler is for a coal plant. They may be run on recycled uranium from reprocessing LWR used fuel, or a blend of this and depleted uranium left over from enrichment plants. • If graphite or heavy water is used as moderator, it is possible to run a power reactor on natural instead of enriched uranium. ; Fast Neutron Reactors. Its four CANDU reactors are owned and operated by OPG. Presionador 7. Despite its smaller size, the Pickering station powers up to 2.5 million households. Point Lepreau was the first CANDU 6 reactor to be licensed for operation, the first to achieve criticality and first to begin commercial operation. cactor CANDU es 'iri cilindro horionta.i t'orma:io por canal es cte combustible Íis:camert.e independientes entre si C:acia canal cte comt. Reactor. Donde se convierte materia en energía.
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