When we build relationships with other cultures it gives us an opportunity to understand them and helps us overcome and prevent division. Culture is seen as a system of social control, wherein people shape their standards and behavior. We should acknowledge the importance of culture in communication and in contributing to our identity and sense of belonging as part of a social group. Culture can be seen as a uniting force that is part of our daily lives and an integral part of our being, defining the … Your company’s culture is comprised of the important intangibles that dictate how your team operates and does business. “Culture is such an important aspect in people’s lives. Family life in Italy "Family is an extremely important value within the Italian culture," Talia Wagner, a Los Angeles-based marriage and family therapist, told Live Science. It influences their values and perspectives. Culture is defined as the refinement of the human psyche, a set of behaviors that are followed to assess the behavior of individuals and societies. They impact our way of living and thus affect our social life. Cultural competency is incredibly important in the field of medicine. The cultural values form the founding principles of one’s life. Culture has great importance. But first, it is important to remember that everyone has an important viewpoint and role to play when is comes to culture. In a lot of ways, your company culture becomes part of your organization’s identity, so it’s important to get it right. This is why I added the definitions of the word culture in the beginning to make it easier to follow. Company culture is defined as the values, ideals, attitudes and goals that characterize an organization. Chinese culture is important, as it plays a significant role in defining every aspect of a Chinese individual’s life. Here are a few examples that demonstrate its importance: Cultural Competency in Medicine. What culture is; The importance of understanding culture in community building; Envisioning your cultural community; How to get started in building communities that encourage diversity. A society, place, or country comes with a culture and customs so that we can behave accordingly and find a place to fit in and to belong in the culture and thus in the country. The most important thing, though, is to find a balance between being too detailed and too abstract. Cultural competence is necessary in every aspect of life—personal or professional. With Greensboro’s revitalization, we see more and more diverse expressions of culture. They influence one’s principles and philosophy of living. This includes the way the individual conducts business, how one treats the family and elders, how responsibilities are distributed in a family, and so forth. The importance of culture stems from its definition. Culture is the identity of the nation, without culture the society is impossible.
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